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Drive Masters LLC Pricing Guidelines

Our base package includes the 30-hours online class sponsored by AAA as well as the six 1-hour drives. Price for this package is $350.


Payment options:

  1. Full payment of $350 at time of registration.
  2. $50 payment at time of registration, plus
  • $160 to be paid before first drive, and
  • $160 to be paid before 4th drive
  1. $50 payment at time of registration, plus
  • $110 to be paid before first drive
  • $110 to be paid before 3rd drive
  • $110 to be paid before 5th drive


Other items of consideration:

  • Students may cancel a scheduled drive with at least 24 hours prior notice.
  • There will be a $40 fee for students cancelling a drive less than 24hrs prior to that drive.
  • There will be $40 no-show fee for students not showing up for a scheduled drive
  • Students must be prompt on arriving for drives. Drives are scheduled on an hourly basis. If a student is late, they might lose that drive and will be billed the $40 no-show fee.
  • A road test, satisfying the state requirements to get a license, are offered at the completion of the course at a charge of $40. This is outside of the school package.
  • There are times when students need additional time behind the wheel with our instructors. This is beyond the 6 hours offered in the package. Additional drives, if needed, are available at $50 per drive
  • Drive Masters reserves the right to cancel drives